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March 3rd, 2012

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    Bicycles and Accessories for Commuting, Touring, Cargo, and Recreational Cycling
    "The bicycle enables us to escape many other machines: We use it for transportation, sport, recreation, and make it a way of life." - Jobst Brandt

    In Praise of Baskets

    Mundo with baskets
    Shop Mundo with Wald 157 and Cargo Net

    Yup. Baskets. And bags. Along with kickstands, these are bicycle accessories that the average roadie looks down on, if not outright sneers at. But when you ride a bicycle for commuting, or leave the car in the driveway and use a bicycle instead to get around, baskets are an easy, practical way to carry stuff. Cyclists that are new to using a bicycle for transportation tend to look immediately at racks and panniers, and are steered that way by many bicycle shops. But before you equip yourself with enough gear to make an expedition to the Himalyas, take a look at baskets instead. When more than half of local trips to the grocery store are 5 miles or less, you don't need to run full panniers front and rear. You just need someplace to put your bags and items. This is where a basket comes in handy. Go into the store. Come out. Throw in your bags. Ride away. Be happy! You aren't stuck in traffic.

    Mundo with baskets
    Wald 585

    On a rainy day, there is alot to be said for just being able to throw your stuff in a basket, and ride off, instead of painstakingly packing it all in your already wet panniers, and then unpacking when you get to your destination. There are plenty of manufacturers of baskets worldwide, but we like, and stock, Wald baskets. They are all steel, made in the USA, and have been doing this since 1924, in Maysville Kentucky.

    Mundo with baskets
    Wald 582

    There are many models of Wald baskets, both front and back. The venerable Model 585 Rear grocery basket is an inexpensive steel basket that bolts onto any rear rack. It will easily carry two full grocery bags, and costs under $15.00. Don't want a basket that sticks up? The Wald 582 is the same size, but folds flat when not in use. Not much more expensive at under $25.00.

    Mundo with baskets
    Wald 520

    Ah, but what about commuting with clothing, books, or laptops? Stuff that needs protection? Wald has the answer. The 520 and 535 are integrated side baskets welded to a steel rear rack. Mounts like any other rear rack. Stick your cargo into waterproof bags, put them in the side baskets, and ride away happy. Concerned about stuff flying out? No worries there. Use a Velo Orange cargo net.

    We swear by these nets. They are, essentially, a bungee net with 3 hooks on each end. We use them on all of our baskets when carrying cargo, and can testify to their effectiveness. One of our most popular items in our web store, they can be had for under $8.00.

    Mundo with baskets
    Wald 582

    Wald also makes many different styles of front baskets, including the giant 157GB delivery basket. We use it on our shop Yuba Mundo, and can testify to it's sturdiness and capacity. At a whopping 21" x 15" x 9", it's perfect for large loads that need more capacity, and protection, than the "bread platforms" can deliver. You feel invincible when you fly down a bicycle path with this monster. It's replaced the "PVC panniers" for the sacred mechanic's weekend beer run. And unlike many front baskets, it's adjustable to a low enough level that it won't interfere with handlebar mounted lights or horns.

    Mundo with baskets
    Wald 3133

    If you don't need the giant 157, there are several other options from Wald for front baskets. The 137GB is about half the size, with the same mounting system as it's larger brother. The 114 and 3133 are lift off baskets with handles that are great for shopping. What's nice about these over the 'Big Box" store bicycle baskets is they are steel, and ride lower on your hanlde bars. This helps the balance, and allows easy acccess to handlebar mounted lights, bells, horns, and computers.

    Mundo with baskets
    Portland Design Works Takeout Basket and Bag

    Portland Design Works makes a perfect solution front basket for cyclists with regular road bars, and for anyone that uses a U-lock. The Takeout front basket is a great all-steel bakset that has a slot in front that carries pretty much any size u-lock, and comes with a large roll-up grocery bag with shoulder straps. The bag mounts to the basket with buckle straps, and easily carries a day's grocery shopping. Or three quarts of beer. We know. If you haven't used a basket on your bicycle, give it a try. Once you do, you will wonder why you resisted the idea for so long. They are truly indispensible for transportation cycling. When the roadies are fumbling around with their car bicycle racks, just ride by with your baskets, and give them a wave and a friendly ring of the bell. And smile!
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